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December 1st, 2022

The first Tobacco Free Advent Calendar 2022

Tobacco Free Advent Calendar? You might be wondering what that is supposed to mean. Initiated a few weeks ago, end of November 2022, by Darius Lotrean, member of the ENSP Next Youth Group, this project aimed to create an informational campaign that should take place over 24 days*. 
From 1 December, people from all over the world will be able to access the digital campaign on a daily basis via a link that will be posted on the ENSP network website and on the ENSP's social media accounts. By providing information on various tobacco control and smoking prevention topics, with a focus on environmental aspects, every person, young and older, regardless of their prior knowledge, will not only learn the basic information on these topics but also have the opportunity to interact with the content provided and delve deeper into each topic through the included materials.

Towards a new generation of tobacco control advocates

This project started its first day with a special topic, raising awareness of tobacco as one of the main risk factors for HIV/AIDS. Each year, over 8 million people die from tobacco use and almost one million from HIV/AIDS. Modern antiretroviral treatment substantially increases the life expectancy of HIV patients. They live as long as non-HIV-infected people.
Unfortunately, most HIV patients smoke cigarettes and many are chain smokers and, therefore, are at a high risk of lung cancer and other smoking-attributable diseases.
In many countries, there are no tobacco control and smoking cessation campaigns, strategies and programs, guidelines and services addressed to HIV-infected and AIDS patients.  Now, it is an urgent need to change it. ENSP calls for closing these gaps on World AIDS Day and offers support to ENSP members and experts to strengthen all efforts and activities in this area.

Therefore, with a short "avant-goût", the project's main goal is to raise awareness among young people, encourage tobacco cessation, and foster engagement in the field of tobacco control and prevention. Thanks to international collaborations, this Advent calendar is being translated into Armenian, Spanish, Romanian, and Italian.


Have a great Christmastime with us while following our campaign! 


*Armenian Translation will be organized according to the Julian calendar, therefore its official launch will follow in the coming days. For further information please consult the Website of the Turipanjian College of Health Science 


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Novel tobacco products and their effects on the European Parliament agenda

A request of the ENVI Health Working Group from the European Parliament moved forward and managed to bring the topic of novel tobacco products into a unique workshop that aimed to provide an open floor for the members of the European Parliament to discuss strategic issues that affect citizens' health. The focus of this workshop was on Novel tobacco products and their effects on health, the health of the individual, but also the European public population
The main debate was around the idea of whether these products help nicotine addiction in order to switch away from cigarettes or attract new users; what the effect of tobacco and nicotine on the individuals is and what will be the overall impact of these new products on the individual and general population health, but also on health systems and the outcome of this.
During the meeting, the European project Joint Action Tobacco Control 2 (JATC2) has been mentioned, especially the importance and relevance for decision-makers of Work Package 7 (WP7), which focuses on the health impact and regulatory implications of e-cigarettes and novel tobacco products. 
In addition, different academics presented the different novel tobacco products, their high risks, and the impact of these products on public health. There has been a strong conclusion regarding the need for a regulation that is flexible and can address new developments in nicotine and tobacco-related products.

Upcoming events

5 December: ENSP Tobacco Dependence Treatment Training in Timisoara, Romania

As a part of its activities, the European Network for Smoking and Tobacco prevention ENSP continue its support in the implementation of WHO FCTC and Article 14, ENSP developed the European Guidelines for Treating Tobacco Dependence. The ENSP Guidelines for evidence-based smoking cessation are the most recent and globally up to date systematicc clinical guidelines for smoking cessation according to best practice standards in clinical guideline development.
In collaboration with the Tobaccology section at the Romanian Society of Pneumology, ENSP is organising a Tobacco Dependence treatment in Timisoara, Romania, on December the 5th 2022, with participation of 30 health professionals from different specialities.

14 December: Public launch of the INTSTrUCT Programme

We have the pleasure of inviting you to the Public Launch of the INSTrUCT Programme, an "Innovative e-learning educational resource in smoking cessation" funded by ERASMUS+ from the European Commission.
During this event, we will share our key results and the implementation strategies for disseminating the components of the INSTrUCT programme within the Higher Education setting in Europe.
🗓️ WHEN: 14th of December 2022
🏢 WHERE: Brussels. Eurocare Headquarters, Norway House: Rue Archimède 17, (Ground Floor)

Register or submit your abstract!

26-28 April 2023: 9th European Conference on Tobacco or Health (ECToH)

ECToHs are organised every three years under the auspices of the Association of European Cancer League (ECL). These Conferences are recognised internationally and attended by the most important policymakers, scientists, researchers, advocacy officers, and health professionals as well as all others strongly committed to the fight against tobacco.


The 9th ECToH Madrid 2023 is being hosted by the Spanish Association Against Cancer and the Spanish Committee on Tobacco Prevention from 26th to 28th April 2023.

The goal of this year is to generate a social movement involving the different actors that play a key role in tobacco control in order to achieve the primary goal set by the European Union (EU) which is:  a ‘Tobacco-Free Generation’ in Europe where less than 5% of the population uses tobacco by 2040. 


The conference aims to generate a space where all the European initiatives on tobacco control could join efforts and work together toward the eradication of the tobacco epidemic. The 9th ECToH Madrid 2023 will mainly focus on youth and the most vulnerable groups with a special emphasis on the promotion of health equity in tobacco prevention and control.

Stay tuned!

European Citizens' Initiative - Tobacco Free Environments will be officialy launched in January

As the initiative   "Call to achieve a tobacco-free environment and the first European tobacco-free generation by 2030" was accepted by the commission, the organizing team moved forward with the preparation of the signing procedure, campaigning reserved for the next year. The official launch of the campaign will take place in January 2023.
In order for the Commission to move forward with the recommendations proposed by this initiative, 1 million statements of support must be collected within 1 year, from at least 7 different Member States. 
As a reminder, the measures proposed by the initiative are:
  1. Promote the first tobacco-free European generation by 2028, ending the sale of tobacco and nicotine products to citizens born since 2010.
  2. Create a European Net of tobacco-free and butts-free beaches and riverbanks, making these spaces more healthy and environmentally sustainable.
  3. Establish a European Net of tobacco-free and butts-free National Parks making them more healthy and reducing contamination and risk of fires.
  4. Extend outdoor smoke and vapor-free spaces, especially those frequented by minors (parks, swimming pools, sports events and centers, shows, and restaurants terraces).
  5. Eliminate tobacco advertising and presence in audiovisual productions, and social media, especially addressing covert advertising through influencers and product placement.
  6. Finance R&D projects for diseases caused by tobacco use to improve their prognosis and make them curable.
The signing procedure and website will be launched in January 2023. ENSP is looking for all support available from its members in implementing a European campaign in order to raise awareness of the initiative and gather signatures.

Call for External Evaluator

2022 ENSP Work Programme

The European Network for Smoking and Tobacco Prevention (ENSP) invites interested and experienced candidates to apply for the position of External Evaluator to carry out an external evaluation of activities relating to the implementation of the 2022 ENSP work programme.

Time frame & Methods


The evaluation will look at activities run throughout the year 2022, and the actual work will be carried out between mid-December 2022 and mid-January 2023.


Methods to be used can include desk research of ENSP documents and materials, face-to-face & telephone interviews, questionnaires, web-based polls, and other tools that are appropriate for the specific indicator.

The responses to the call should address the following:

  1. Proposal for the scope of the external evaluation of ENSP for the period of January-December 2022
  2. Overview of your approach to the evaluation and the desired methodology to be used
  3. Proposal for data gathering during the period
  4. Timeline
  5. A detailed quotation

The deadline of submission is 10 December 2022, at: cornel.radu@ensp.org

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Learn more about the conference (LINK)
Learn more about the conference (LINK)
Learn more about the conference (LINK)
Learn more about the conference (LINK)
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