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January 16, 2023

European Citizens' Initiative

"Tobacco Free Environment and the First European Tobacco-Free Generation by 2030"

has been officially launched!

The initiative "Call to achieve a tobacco-free environment and the first European tobacco-free generation by 2030" was accepted by the European Commission last year, and the organizing team moved forward with the preparation of the signing campaign for 2023. The campaign is officially launched today, on 16th January 2023, and will end on 16 January 2024.
The public launch will be marked through coordinated events organized in each country on January 26, 2023.
In order for the Commission to move forward with the recommendations proposed by this initiative, 1 million statements of support must be collected within 1 year, and reach the specific threshold in at least 7 different Member States.

A European citizens’ initiative is a way for any European to take an active part in EU policy-making. The ECI-TFE calls for a better world, better health, and better environments free from the dangers of tobacco use.

Tobacco pandemic is the first avoidable cause of death. Butts on beaches cause environmental damage to the ocean and its wildlife, and in forests cause fires and contaminate soil and water. To save the new generations from falling into tobacco addiction, in addition to acting forcefully against the environmental dangers caused by cigarette butts and fighting against smoking, it is necessary to:
  1. Promote the first tobacco-free European generation by 2028, ending the sale of tobacco and nicotine products to citizens born since 2010.
  2. Create a European Net of tobacco-free and butts-free beaches and riverbanks, making these spaces more healthy and environmentally sustainable.
  3. Establish a European Net of tobacco-free and butts-free National Parks making them more healthy and reducing contamination and risk of fires.
  4. Extend outdoor smoke and vapor-free spaces, especially those frequented by minors (parks, swimming pools, sports events and centers, shows, and restaurants terraces).
  5. Eliminate tobacco advertising and presence in audiovisual productions, and social media, especially addressing covert advertising through influencers and product placement.
  6. Finance R&D projects for diseases caused by tobacco use to improve their prognosis and make them curable.

One year to collect one million signatures

In order to achieve our goal of collecting 1 million signatures, ENSP has developed a website containing all the necessary information for everyone to understand the importance of the measures we are advocating for. The website has been carefully designed and translated into all EU languages so that any EU citizen can easily access and disseminate within his/her communities.
To support the initiative, you have to fill in and sign the statement of support available on the Commission's website. Depending on the country, you should provide different personal information. However, your personal data is collected ONLY by the European Commission and will be used strictly to confirm your identity by the national authorities, and therefore, validate your signature.
Once the initiative reaches 1 million validated signatures, the European Commission is obliged to respond and take action. Who can sign? Any European Union citizen old enough to vote in European Parliament elections (in most EU countries this means 18 years old, except Austria & Malta, where the voting age is 16, and Greece, where the voting age is 17).
Please note that any EU citizen living abroad is able to sign regardless of where he/she is currently located. The signature will be counted in the country of origin.
A QR code has been developed as well to facilitate access to the European Citizens' Initiative - Tobacco-Free Europe. It aims to provide an easy way to direct European citizens to the European Commission signature collection page by scanning with a mobile phone camera.

The logo is free to use in any materials promoting our campaign by any European organization after written approval from the organizers. Other materials and logos in different EU languages are also available upon request.

ECI-TFE Organizers

The ENSP is actively searching for organizations willing to support the initiative and coordinate the signature campaign in European Union Member States. Only together we can succeed!

ENSP Monograph

25 years of Tobacco Control history in Europe

The European Network for Smoking and Tobacco Prevention was born 25 years ago with organisations, but above all, people who recognised their responsibilities in relation to the health of citizens in Europe. They were committed and willing to engage with developing public policy, but also a real never-seen-before culture change. At a time when nobody could hope or imagine it possible, they believed in a smoke-free Europe and declared war to the tobacco industry.
Initially funded by the Europe Against Cancer programme, a network of national coalitions was established by a group of experts to coordinate smoking prevention actions, following the “Vinci resolution”, agreed upon in Italy in 1994. After three long years of the administrative process, ENSP was officially created in 1997. Registered under Belgian law as an international nonprofit organisation, it was run by a permanent secretariat, supervised by an Executive Board.
Celebrating ENSP's 25th anniversary is not only paying tribute to the dedication, sweat, blood, and tears of all the experts, decision-makers and advocates, who have been working tirelessly to tackle this pandemic of modern times, but is also an amazing testimonial of the journey of all the achievements and the incredible progress in tobacco control.
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Learn more about the conference (LINK)
Learn more about the conference (LINK)
Learn more about the conference (LINK)
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